1 Minute Site is...

  • a web-oriented application that allows you to easily and quickly create a website directly online, with no need to download any software on your computer
  • a CMS platform aiming at the creation of professional websites in an easy way, as a text editor, by entering and updating your contents in complete autonomy 
  • a tool that allows you to create a website that fits your image, offering you custom graphics as well
  • a range of solutions for all your needs, from the free version to the more professional versions: Basic, Professional, Business. These last three verisons include the domain's registration cost and the chance to request for a custom graphics, and they differ because of their web space and emailboxes available. 
  • a reliable partner to promote your company and increase your online business. 

1 Minute Site is a trademark by Sintra Consulting Ltd.

Sintra Consulting is a well-established entrepreneurial company in the field of Information & Communication Technology. 


Thanks to the market knowledge and experience in selling Internet services and  creation of Web-based products, Sintra Consulting has seen a significant growth in the years, confirmed above all by the excellent financial indicators of lst three years of activity. Strongly market-oriented, Sintra Consulting has always used  a strategical approach to its internal processes, emphasizing organizational learning, increasing human capital value and continuous involvement of its collaborators. 

Sintra Consulting is specialized in the following activities: 

  • Websites creation
  • Web marketing: websites optimization and PPC
  • Online selling solutions: Ecommerce and online catalogues 
  • Consultancy and Web programming : .Java, .net, .asp, .php
  • Optimization solutions for IT companies