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Submit and manage your content in complete autonomy. Thanks to CMS technology, 1 Minute Site is as easy to use as a text editor.

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Make your website more attractive, with 1 Minute Site you can integrate your website with the most useful and fun Web 2.0 apps.

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This week we have chosen to show the website of Mr. and Mrs. Chaurasia about their romantic journeys! A great idea to collect all souvenirs from their travels and passionate life just by adding photos and texts to our platform to make free websites.

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1 Minute Site it's your chance to create your website ina few simple steps, without any specific  technical skills.

Using CMS technology, 1 Minute Site allows you to manage in complete autonomy all the steps to build your website, from choosing your favourite layout and dealing with graphics to the optimization level, through your texts, images and videos.